Thank You All!. Thank You to each and everyone who supported this endeavor and spend 3–5 minutes of their daily life reading the lines I write.

Finally, It is the 31st of January. Since the second day of the brand new month and year, I started writing blogs. There are 344 people who viewed these posts and 177 actually find time to read the entire script. I could never be this much happy. by the way, I am not obsessed with numbers. But I am happy that many people read these writings(I don't know how to call them) and said me good and bad things.

I am no professional writer. I never wrote consistently in English except for the class notes and exams. Also, I make terrible mistakes. Especially grammatical errors. Thanks to Google and Grammarly for helping to reduce my mistakes. I was a guy who never wanted to check out and edit what I write. But since these tools enable the editing process easier, I started doing that. In fact, It's my responsibility to do that. The reader is not spending time reading the bullshit unedited, error-prone text. I respect whoever reads whatever I write in public space.

I started scribbling stuff, as two measures. one is obviously as a mission to write continuously. The next is as reference material. I read books, listened to audiobooks(A lot), and each day I needed a space to assimilate my ideas and views. I chose this. This is going to exist here for a long period of time(I hope so). So whenever I needed to look back I could see them, analyze my mindset and learn the underlying principle.

Every blog had lots of questions. Those questions were asked by me for self-reflection.

Am I good enough to write and make people read them?

Still, I don't Know.

I love the process of writing. I find happiness in the half an hour or so, I spend in front of the laptop to write something. I find it peaceful.

It is a kind of meditation. I get a free flow of thoughts when I write. I write until I am temporarily empty, but not running out of Ideas. That emptiness is so joyful.

So I know many of the posts are self-centric or crude. But I really appreciate the efforts of every person who is there for me by just clicking a link and read these. As every other human being, I am too imperfect. I am trying to improve.

I will continue the journey.

thanks once again!

Author of 21st century nonsense.