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Human beings are complex creatures and they make mistakes(often repeat) even if they know it's a mistake. Then it becomes a disaster.

the complexity of human character increases with age. it is not directly proportional always. A teenager might have the most complicated system of thoughts than an adult of the age of 40.

the common thing that every self-help book iterates that, we all are prone to make mistakes. Genius is born when they don't repeat the mistakes of others when it comes to their case.

But generally, the same mistake is often repeated throughout the generations. consider adultery…

It's almost 4.00 in the evening. I just woke up after an afternoon nap. The worst I had in the years.

Usually, these naps are filled with bizarre thoughts or dreams. but today, I had nightmares in daylight. I had the extreme horizon of my nightmares set in my mind. That's My Death!. Yeah I know I set the bar very low. Now I had no fear of daydreaming the death. I just woke up and had 3 incidents in my mind struck deeply. These may be my thoughts or dreams.

I live in a peaceful village. Not that remote…

When we ideate our thoughts? What is the scope of learning till the end? Why we won't think like world-class scientists or entrepreneurs?

Why our thinking lacks the proper conviction? does the existing school system engage us effectively? Is it enough for the new world order?

What do we learn for the future?

the big question echoing in the air for more than a year is the ‘celebrity crocodile tears’ regarding the usefulness of what we learn in schools?

Yes, exactly! The White Hat Jr. acquisition by Byjus. Since then celebrities started “worrying” about our children. Anyway, that's not the…

I accidentally started teaching children. One of the basic abilities to face them to have no stage fear. When I started being a guide or just a signboard for children, I had this unfair advantage of the experience of addressing the masses.

One of the most important focus of any soft skill trainer is erasing the stage fear from the minds of his/her trainees. And it is the most difficult task to achieve. Period!

I started to be in stage and talking on a microphone from the age of 6/7. In Kerala, In Madrassas celebration of the birth anniversary of…

last year we saw the ascend of Elon Musk from the 50+ position to the world’s richest person. He just doesn't hoard the wealth. It is not a status game only, it's a matter of creating the new power that holds the key to world politics. Recently we saw, how destructive/powerful his tweets can be(Gamestonk!, Use signal, Bitcoin)

Okay, Not getting anything technical or serious. As we know, the world is controlled by the top 150 people. They are not at all politicians. They are pure businessmen. Politicians are the puppets in their hands.

Yes! even the most powerful person…

I just remembered a movie dialogue now.

opportunities are like public transport bus. if one goes, another will come

I don't exactly remember it. But the essence is like this. To an extend life is like that. we only have one life, but we could live different aspects of it.

when we were children we wanted to grow fast. when we are adults, the same mind wants to be a child. That's why ‘back to childhood’ themes are great marketing campaigns. We cherish everything from the past.

Recently I have listened to an interview of David Rubenstein, The founder, and…

If you open up one productivity video on Youtube, the algorithm is going to pump a large number of suggestions in your feed.

Because the number of people who make productivity videos is very huge. isn't it nice? we get so many teachers to tell us how to use time wisely. How to build a better regime to be fruitful and goal-oriented.

The amount of time procrastinating made me watch some of these channels. How? Spending more than half of a day in front of the tiny screen made me aimless. I had some sort of addiction. I even played…

Thank You All!. Thank You to each and everyone who supported this endeavor and spend 3–5 minutes of their daily life reading the lines I write.

Finally, It is the 31st of January. Since the second day of the brand new month and year, I started writing blogs. There are 344 people who viewed these posts and 177 actually find time to read the entire script. I could never be this much happy. by the way, I am not obsessed with numbers. …

How often you lie to yourself?

Essentially lying to our own self and making excuses are almost the same!. I skipped the last day. I didn't write a single line last day.

I usually write blog entries in the morning. I had to drive in the early hours. so disrupted sleep and Woke up late.

These are the excuses I have given to myself not to write. But I had a full day in my hand and did I utilize it properly and fruitfully?

To an extend yes. Maybe because my brain is totally mandated to my self not to…

Movies aren't real. But they can be realistic.

A scenario was similar to movies that happened in my life last day.

I woke up with hopefulness to cut a deal, where I got a positive indication. I really thought that I am going to make the first-ever agreement for the firm I am working in, by myself.

I drove around 100 km for this sole purpose. Let's not talk about the efforts I Put, It's negligible when it comes to the results. I was positive because the earlier meeting was ended with hope and sign of progress.

But when I…

Jaseer Kallingal

Author of 21st century nonsense.

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